Academy Sprint Competition

Pilot Program


Women Can Code is a Platform to empower Women and Non Binary.

  1. Submit an entry via the form.
  2. Entries close 30th November, winners announced on the 4th December.
  3. You will receive an email from our admissions team if you have been successful.
Learning Goals

Learning Goals

Build an MVP

Create the User Flow for your product Learn to build UI Kits and wireframes for a website or mobile app Practice Usability Testing - a way to quickly put a project into your product into customer hands and get feedback Build an interactive prototype and learn to do a product demo

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Portfolio Item

Ship a prototype to share with end-users for feedback or developers for building Prepare a product demo, to be used in communication with stakeholders Understand how to visualise and produce your ideas with quick and clear outcomes

Peer Network

Peer Network


The Peer Network provides Slack access to the very latest information, tools and resources.

Search the "Frequently Asked Questions" database as well as "Ask an Expert" forum where you can post questions to industry experts and view responses to other questions your peers have posted.

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